Affordable Prescriptions


Do you have some medications that you need to take on a regular basis? Have you been searching for local pharmacies that accept insurance? If you said yes, then we’ve got you covered here at Greater Care Pharmacy. It doesn’t matter if you live in Eastpointe, MI or another close town like Detroit, Warren, or Roseville, we can handle all your prescription needs. You’ll find us inside Value Fresh Market Place, ready to serve you!

Being able to purchase affordable prescriptions is important to all our customers here at Greater Care Pharmacy. We understand that buying your medications can really add up. That’s why we are excited to participate in the $4 generic program. That means you may be able to purchase your prescriptions for a low price! We will be more than happy to see how much your prescriptions will cost you.

If you need affordable prescriptions but find it difficult to make it to our pharmacy, then you are in luck! At Greater Care Pharmacy, we offer a convenient delivery service. You can choose to have your medications delivered to your doorstep. The best part of this program is that we don’t charge you a delivery fee! You can’t beat that type of customer service.

If you live near Eastpointe, MI or a close town and have been looking for reliable pharmacies that accept insurance, then consider your search complete. At Greater Care Pharmacy, we want to make picking up your prescriptions a simpler task. From free delivery service to $4 generic medications, there are many reasons to choose us over other local pharmacies. If you have a few prescriptions that you would like to transfer to a close by pharmacy, then visit to learn how we make this process easier for you. Don’t wait hours for a prescription that we can have ready in 10 minutes or less.